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Merchant Funds Advance

Bad credit and no collateral shouldn't be any reason to stop an entrepreneur from getting their business up-and-running in no time, with revenue being generated as soon as possible. Unfortunately banks do not feel the same way. That's why at we can provide you with the capital needed to start your small business and move on with the next chapter of your life. We're not concerned with you having collateral to repay us, should the business fail. In fact we have so much confidence in you that we'll give you an advance that will help you start your restaurant, retail store, or other small business. All we ask for in return is a percent of future credit card sales. That's right, you need not have any collateral. You need not even have decent credit. All you need is a solid business plan and to apply with us for an advance. Chances are good that you will be approved in no time.

Not starting a new small business but need the funds to expand?
No problem, we've got you covered. Just apply the same as you would for a start-up advance, except let us know you'll be expanding.

You will have an even greater chance for approval, since you already have a legitimate business. You can use an MCA (merchant cash advance) from us to hire new employees, buy additional inventory, expand your store, marketing, et cetera. It doesn't matter. As long as you are making money, we're willing to help you out.

At Merchant Funds Advance we have not only some of the highest approval ratings, but we also take a very reasonable and fair percent from the credit card sales. We approve small businesses such as restaurants, clothing stores, sporting goods stores or any other businesses that uses credit card sales as a large part of its revenue.

Why would you go to someone like Rapid Advance and have an unreasonably high percent of credit card sales taken, when you can go through us and feel like you're barely having anything taken away. If your sales are slow, we will not take the same amount of money. Since we work off a percentage, when sales are low, so is the percent we take. When sales are high, we take a higher percent, until the advance amount we loaned you is paid off. We can promise that no other MCA lender is as readily available to help you out as we are.

We understand that you are a small business and may need a little help. So apply today!

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